Party peeps visiting lavaratory are stunned. What happens next puts them off Drinking and Driving.

Driving under the influence of alcohol(drinking) is one of the leading reasons for fatal accidents in the world. This beautiful public service announcement brings you the supporters at a bar lavatory who are introduced to Kris Caudilla, an driver-prisoner who is currently serving a 15 year imprisonment at the Florida prison for murdering a Policeman while driving under the influence of Alcohol 15 years ago. This video was made by We Save Lives  as an aspect of reflection from the battle inside.

We Save Lives is a Global coalition trying their best to save lives by keeping away driving under influence of alcohol, sedated driving etc. Their major responsibility is to imbibe responsible driving amongst citizens.

You should watch this !

Although New Year’s eve was riled with unpleasant experiences for a lot of people, especially women who were celebrating in the streets of Bangalore, Drinking on NYE seems to be something that runs in the scheme of the party. Even the night might have been one of debauchery, it is crucial to party responsibly. We might wanna risk it all, including our lives by going all Yolo on the wheels, but we cannot play dice with th lives of others.

So the next time you go out drinking, make sure that you have a driver who is sober, not under the influence of any substance, alcohol or not. At least arrange for a cab, or make sure a drunk person does not drive or travel alone.

Getting wasted at a party is fun, wasting blood is not.

This video should reach as many people as possible.