7 Spectacular Dhoni Scenes you probably will cry over.

As the whole nation is crying on the roads, with throats swell with tears now that M S Dhoni has stepped down as the Captain of the Limited Overs Men’s Cricket Team, we bring you seven insane moves by Dhoni that will make you miss Captain Cool.

  1. All of us know Dhoni to be one of the best wicketkeeper-Batsmen-Captains to have ever been born, but this  shows us why he is undoubtedly the God of Stumpings.
  2. No teen in the recent past has grown up without being awestruck by Dhoni’s signature Helicopter shot. 
  3. Well renowned for destroying full length deliveries and dutifully dispatching them to the dressing room boundary, this proves he is a master at picking short length ones too.
  4.   Cricket has been a game where Wicketkeepers could only dive. the acrobatics were left to the fielders. This man managed to flip the scene. He puts many a defender to shame.

5.   There was a time when the Indian team was terrorised by the Short ball. He knocked everything out of the park elegantly, ruining bowlers.              

6. Irrespective of whether we confess, all of us became fans of CSK when Dhoni destroyed almost all other teams effortlessly.

We thought we would sign off on Six, just like the man himself. But stiicking to our superstitions, we have an extra gif of MSD bowling. Just so you could reminisce over it once more.


And of course, lets hope we go back to seeing the pre-captaincy bat swinging swash-buckling butcher who shocked and pleasantly surprised the selectors.