Revenge against Girlfriend, served in a box

His girlfriend was cheating on him.He decides to take revenge in the best possible way.

Honesty is perhaps the most important part of a relationship.  In contemporary times, this underdog seems to be something that is eating away the heart and the soul of romantic relationships. This couple, who use to be o much in love, violated it, with the girlfriend cheating on the boyfriend, supposedly. What he does next will keep you awayfrom even thinking about Cheating, maybe even relationships, forever.


Watch it yourself !

This Brazillian woman, who was expecting a romantic gift from the beloved boyfriend for Valentine’s day, was visibly delighted to receive a heart shaped valentine’s gift box from her boyfriend, was scared out of her mind when opening the box made a bunch of bugs jumped at her from within the box.

Trapped inside the car till her boyfriend could come back and open the car from the outside with his keys , she was enveloped by an army of bugs that scared her out of her wits.

Although people believe that apologising to their partners after cheating on them somehow makes it better. It clearly does not. When the trust in a relationship is broken, it is almost close to impossible to make amends to the ruptures.

Trust takes years to build, and less than an instance of passion to break.

Unlike what Forrest Gump said, life is not a box of chocolates, as this woman found out, much to her dismay.