This girl slapped his boyfriend on TV. What he does next is the best reply to the slap !

A ”Kiss Cam”  is a renowned social game that takes place at stadiums during sporting events in USA and Canada. The kiss camera scans the crowd for a couple while the image being on the central board. The couple  is then cheered by the crowd to kiss on screen. Often this leads to awkward moments when the couple are not in any romantic relationships. While most of the couples follow the kiss cam , few tend to overact and decide to stand against it, thus being booed by the crowd.

In one such interesting Kiss Cam incident, the boy after watching himself on the board decides to kiss his girlfriend sitting next to him. While expecting a romantic kiss back from his girlfriend is the normal response ,she decides to land a slap on her lovely boyfriends face instead.

Embarrassed with girlfriends slap the boy tries to convince his lady with a teddy bear where he finds little luck.

After Realising the teddy bear couldn’t help, he offers her a bucket of popcorn

He then decides to offer her soften drink with the motive to apologise. But she doesn’t budge

After all of these attempts he is left low by his girlfriend.Not much later the kiss camera decides to show the same couple expecting a kiss this time.

While the girl still denies to kiss, the girl sitting on the other side of the guy takes advantage of this beautiful opportunity and does the unbelievable thing !
Watch the video here !

Hoping to see the Kiss Cam in action during stadium matches in India !